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If you're here, you migh have babies. Grown ups. Brothers. Sisters... Or... whatever, every family is different - and the things that make you different are exactly what I want to document.

Photographs might be a way to time travel, to remember the little things. You can  remember how it feltWhat memory you'll have if I ask you - and your kids - to stare at the camera with a forced smile for an hour? Yep, that's not what I want you to remember when looking at your photographs in the future. That's why I capture people and, most of all, kids, the way they are. That's the beauty in it:

Pureness. Candidness. The split second interactions. 

Cuddles. High fives. Mannerisms. Dances. Nose pickings.

Just think about the photos you like the most from YOUR CHILDHOOD.

I bet your favourites are the most candid, unexpected ones. The ones that show who and how you were. That's why I don't try to make people stand still fake-smiling, nonstop looking at the camera.


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